A “Memory Quilt” – what a beautiful gift for an Alzheimer’s patient.

January 21, 2016

A “Memory Quilt” – what a beautiful gift for an Alzheimer’s patient.

T-shirt Quilt Café can create a high quality, cuddly, fleece-filled memory quilt out of special clothing items. The quilts you order from us will be made right, wash well, and be an excellent value.

Have You Ever Thought About Turing Your Sweet Memories Into a Memory Quilt?

You can take all of those sweet memories, get them out of the closet, and make a meaningful memory quilt. Click here to start your order.

How You Make a T-Shirt Blanket

After 35 years and over 300 Triathlons all over the world, what do you do with about 300 t-shirts?  Well, you donate 100 of them to a Nicaraguan village on a trip to visit some friends.  You put about 50 of them in your drawers to rotate and wear daily.  You pick your favorites and ones that represent your greatest feats.  Then you have a t-shirt blanket made!

Two years ago Gordon didn’t want to have a blanket made……thought it wasn’t necessary.  As Alzheimer’s has progressed I figured this is something that he would cherish on down the road as he moves into a facility.  He loved the blanket when it arrived the other day. We both cried!  It is now a mainstay on his bed!

There are so many other great ideas that you can use a memory quilt for. If you have any questions contact us here.


Place your order here www.tshirtquiltcafe.com, mail the T-shirts in to our address listed on the website, and we will mail you your own T-shirt memory quilt!

Make it a great day!

Sarah Gould