T-shirt Quilt Cafe has KC Pride

November 11, 2015

If you have visited our website and happened upon our About Us page, you know we (Amy & Stacy) are T-shirt Quilt Cafe and Mizzou Alum.  Something we don’t mention is that we are both from the Kansas City area and we are proud of it!
T-Shirt Quilt
Kansas City has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks and they did not disappoint.  The KC Royals were amazing this baseball season and so fun to watch.  It’s not easy to find something everyone in the family agrees on watching but we did and we logged hours of family time together, awesome!  I do have to admit to cussing those Royals on a couple early school mornings.  12 &14 innings makes a late night for a 7yr old.  I had a “no bedtime” rule instituted during the playoffs and World Series that may get me a nomination for Mom of the Year 2015.  My 12 year old even begged to go to bed one night with my husband on her side.  I said, “NO! This may not happen again for 30 years, you have to watch” her reply was, “Mom, that’s what you said last year.”  Well it’s true they did earn back to back WS appearances, but…. I was her age during the I-70 Series in 1985 and my fondest memory was my Mom’s crazy rule.  She was so excited she said, “your skipping school today, we are going to the Royals parade!”  The KC kids didn’t have to play hooky this year, all the schools canceled classes so everyone could celebrate.  How cool is that?
Anyway, the fans and the people from our home town were so excited  800,000 of them showed up to celebrate the Royals and show some hometown pride. Here’s a picture in case you didn’t see it.  We 💙 KC!

KC T-Shirt Quilt

If You Are Thinking About A T-shirt Quilt

Oh and if you are like us and have bought many t-shirts to support your favorite team, we know a really great place you can send those T’s to have a t-shirt quilt made.  😉
We are t-shirt quilt makers and we would take great pride in helping you preserve your memories!  www.TshirtQuiltCafe.com