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T-Shirt Quilt Cafe offers many quilt choices and custom design options! We have several styles of t-shirt quilts and fun fleece fabrics. We offer very competitive prices……check out our affordable Mosaic Style T-shirt Quilt!

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How It Works

Figure out what style of t-shirt quilt is your favorite! Click on a Product then choose the size and fleece color/pattern.

Once T-shirt Quilt Cafe receives your order, we’ll email you instructions about shipping your items to us.

In a few short weeks we will send you a beautiful, quality constructed t-shirt quilt made from your memories.

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About the T-shirt Quilt Cafe

Former college roommates and both mothers of three, Amy and Stacy started the T-shirt Quilt Café in response to every mom’s greatest nemesis: clutter!  Specifically, the piles of old t-shirts that no one in their families wanted to wear anymore, but that they couldn’t bear to part with either. So with the same attention to detail, passion, and yes, love that moms do most things, Amy and Stacy began upcycling those cherished memories (in the form of old shirts) into high quality, cuddly, fleece-filled quilts. And they have been doing it for twelve years. That’s why you can trust that the quilts you order from the T-shirt Quilt Café will be made right, wash well, and be an excellent value.  Read more…